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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechatronics Engineering Technology, B.S.

Bachelor of Science in mechatronics engineering technology provides graduates real-world experiential education combined with personalized undergraduate experiences in mechanical, electrical, and computer control systems, as well as engineering design and management. The core courses include both mechanical and electrical fundamentals, principles and design concepts with a focus on materials handling systems, automation and manufacturing systems, embedded systems design, and industrial robotic.

This bachelor’s degree program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s highly integrated computer controlled manufacturing. Throughout their curriculum, students are required to co-op in industry in their second or third year of the program, which often continues and leads to full-time employment. Graduates with a rigorous theoretical education and multidisciplinary technical skills are well prepared for engineering and technology positions in applied design, development, implementation, or oversight and maintenance of electromechanical systems and processes.

Students are required to complete the core plus one track. A minor is not required.

Four-Year Plan: Click here  to view the Four-Year Plan for this specific program. To find out more about Four-Year Plans, visit the Policies and Procedures  page.

♦  Indicates prerequisite.

Degree Requirements (97-99 credits)

Select one track plus elective EGT and/or EMET* courses

For more information regarding EMET courses from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College (CSTCC), click here.

Total Credits 97-99

Alternative Energy Track (21 credits)

  • PSET 140* Power Systems Foundations (1 credit)
  • EMET 150* Introduction to Controls and Robotics (2 credits)
  • EMET 210* Energy Efficiency and Audits (3 credits)
  • EMET 225* Solar and Renewable Energy (3 credits)
  • EGT 450 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer (3 credits)
  • Select 9 additional credit hours of EGT/EMET courses (9 credits)

Total Credits 97-99

Laser Technology Track (21 credits)

  • EMET 245* Laser Foundations and Safety (3 credits)
  • EMET 246* Laser 2 (3 credits)
  • EMET 275* Electric Drive Mechanisms (4 credits)
  • EMET 150* Introduction to Controls and Robotics (2 credits)
  • Select 9 additional credit hours of EGT/EMET courses (9 credits)

Total Credits 97-99

Total Credits 97-99