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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kentucky Residency

Residency status for a student is initially determined during the admission process.

Below are examples of what affects the determination of a student’s residency status at NKU. This information does not substitute for the regulations that govern the determination of Kentucky residency. The regulations can be found online (http://inside.nku.edu/registrar/forms-records/residency/regulatory.html).

The state of Kentucky will assume you are NOT a resident if:

  • You had an out-of-state address on your application for admission.
  • You moved into Kentucky primarily to enroll in the university.
  • You moved into Kentucky and within 12 months of that move you enrolled at a Kentucky institution for more than the number of hours considered half-time.
  • You have been in continuous absence from the state for one year.
  • You are a graduate of an out-of-state high school within five (5) years prior to a request for a determination of residency status;
  • You attended an out-of-state higher education institution during the past academic year and paid in-state tuition at that institution.     

You can challenge your status designation by submitting the official residency affidavit and presenting at least two of the following documents proving that you have:

  • Accepted a full-time job or transfer to an employer in Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, or nearby Indiana while moving your domicile into the state of Kentucky.
  • Lived in Kentucky continuously as a non-student for 12 months before the semester in which you plan to enroll.
  • Prepared an income tax form that shows the payment of Kentucky withholding taxes for the most recent calendar year.
  • Been employed full-time for one year while living in Kentucky.
  • Obtained a professional license or certification in Kentucky.
  • Paid real property taxes in Kentucky.
  • Owned real property that was used by you as a resident before the date of application for determining residency.
  • Married a Kentucky resident.
  • Had a continued presence in Kentucky during academic breaks.
  • Not relied on student financial aid in order to provide basic sustenance.

Residency affidavits can be picked up in the registrar’s office or downloaded from the residency section of the registrar’s website (http://inside.nku.edu/registrar/forms-records/residency.html).

Deadlines for residency appeals:

Fall and spring semesters: 30 days after the first day of classes.
Summer: 10 days after the first day of classes (in the first session in which the student is enrolled).