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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Table of Programs Offered

The table that follows shows the undergraduate programs available at NKU. Here’s how to read the table:

  1. The bachelor column shows the majors and the degree (or degrees) associated with each major: B.S. = Bachelor of Science; B.A. = Bachelor of Arts; B.F.A. = Bachelor of Fine Arts; B.M. = Bachelor of Music; B.S.N. = Bachelor of Science in Nursing; B.S.B.A. = Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; and B.S.W. = Bachelor of Social Work.
  2. The certificate column lists “PB” for a postbaccalaureate certificate and “U” for an undergraduate certificate.
  3. The other columns indicate by “AD” if one can earn an associate degree; “M” if one can earn a minor; and “TC” if one can obtain teacher certification in the listed discipline. NOTE: If an item contains “TC”, is not linked, and no information is found within the catalog, please contact an advisor within the corresponding department.
  4. In addition, three superscript codes are used:

* means students with an interest in majoring in one of these fields will be placed in a pre-major status.
O means the program is available online; most of these programs are also available through a traditional delivery model.
+ means the program requires a secondary area

Discipline Associate Bachelor Minor Teaching
Accounting   B.S.B.A. * M      
Advanced Nursing Studies   RN-B.S.N. * O      
Advanced Technology     M      
Ancient Civilizations     M      
Anthropology   B.A. + M      
Archaeology     M      
Art History     M      
Asian Studies     M      
Astronomy     M      
Athletic Training*   B.S.        
Automated Manufacturing and Processes         U  
Biological Sciences   B.A. /B.S.   M      
Black Studies     M      
(General) Business Major / Business Minor   B.S.B.A.   M      
Business Information Systems Major / Information Systems Minor   B.S. *O M O   U O
Celtic Studies     M      
Chemistry   B.A. +/B.S.   M      
Chinese Studies     M      
Cinema Studies     M      
Communication Studies   B.A. O M O    
Computer Aided Design/Drafting         U  
Computer Forensics     M      
Computer Information Technology   B.S.   M      
Computer Science   B.S.   M      
Construction Management   B.S.   M      
Construction Technology AD          
Creative Writing     M      
Criminal Justice   B.A. O+ M O    
Criminalistics     M      
Cybersecurity         U O
Dance     M      
Data Science   B.S.        
(Interdisciplinary) Early Childhood Education   B.A. *   TC  
(Interdisciplinary) Early Childhood Education Non-Certification   B.A. *      
Earth/Space Science       TC    
Economics   B.S. *+ M      
Electronic Media and Broadcasting   B.A.   M      
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology   B.S.        
Electronics Technology     M      
Elementary Education   B.A. *   TC  
Engineering Physics   B.S.        
English   B.A. + M   TC  
Entrepreneurship   B.S.B.A. * M      
Environmental Science   B.A. /B.S.        
Environmental Studies     M      
European Studies     M      
Evolutionary Studies     M      
Exercise Science   B.S.        
Finance   B.S.B.A. * M      
French   B.A. + M      
Geographic Information Systems         U  
Geography   B.A. + M      
Geology   B.A. +/B.S.   M      
German   B.A. + M      
Global Supply Chain Management   B.S.B.A.        
Health Communication   B.A.        
Health Education     M   TC  
Health Informatics   B.S.   M      
Health Science   B.S. O      
History   B.A. O+ M O    
Honors     M      
Human Resource Management   B.S.B.A. *      
Human Services and Addiction   B.S.   M      
Industrial Technology     M      
Information Security     M      
Information Systems Development         PB  
Information Systems Management         PB  
Integrative Studies AD   B.A. O      
International Studies   B.A. + M      
Japanese   B.A. + M      
Journalism   B.A.   M      
Latin American & Caribbean Studies     M      
Law   B.A. +      
Library Informatics   B.S. O M      
Management   B.S.B.A. * M O    
Marketing   B.S.B.A. * M      
Mathematics   B.S. + M   TC  
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology   B.S.        
Mechatronics Engineering Technology   B.S.        
Media Informatics   B.A.   M      
Medieval and Renaissance Studies     M      
Middle Eastern & North African Studies     M      
Middle Grades Education   B.A. *   TC  
Military History     M      
Music   B.A. +/B.M. * M   B.M.E.    
Native American Studies     M      
Neuroscience   B.S.   M      
Nursing   B.S.N. *O      
Organizational Leadership   B.A. O+ M      
Philosophy   B.A. + M      
(Applied) Philosophy     M      
Physical Education   B.A. * M   TC    
Physical Education Non-Certification   B.A. *      
Physics   B.A. +/B.S.   M   TC  
Political Science   B.A. + M O    
Popular Culture     M      
Pre-Law     M      
Professional Writing     M      
Psychological Science   B.A. +/B.S. + M      
Public Service     M      
Public Relations   B.A.        
Radiation Therapy   B.S.        
Radiologic Science   B.S.        
Religious Studies     M O    
Respiratory Care   B.S.        
Respiratory Care Completion Program   B.S.        
Secondary Education   B.A. *      
Social Justice     M      
Social Studies       TC    
Social Work   B.S.W.        
Sociology   B.S. + M      
Software Development         U  
Spanish   B.A. + M      
Spatial Arts     M      
Special Education   B.A. *   TC  
Sports Business   B.S.B.A. * M      
Sports Medicine     M      
Statistics   B.S. +      
(Applied) Statistics     M      
Studio Arts     M      
Sub-Saharan African Studies     M      
Technological Leadership and Innovation         U  
(Advanced) Technology     M      
Theatre   B.A. +/B.F.A.   M      
Theatre Design, Technology, or Stage Management   B.F.A.        
Theatre Performance   B.F.A.        
Visual Arts   B.A. +/B.F.A. /B.S.        
Visual Communication and Design   B.A.        
Women’s and Gender Studies     M O    

Note: Separate applications are required for athletic training, health science, nursing, radiologic technology, and respiratory care. Please contact the appropriate program director for a selective admission application.

Graduate Education

NKU offers a wide array of graduate programs designed for students who seek to strengthen and accelerate their professional development and career paths. Programs are designed for working professionals and accommodate part-time enrollment. To find out more about the master’s programs, the doctoral program in educational leadership or nursing practice, or any of the numerous graduate certificate programs please call the Office of Graduate Programs at 859 572-6364; send them an email message (graduate@nku.edu); or visit their website (http://www.nku.edu/admissions/graduate.html).