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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Informatics, J.D./M.B.I.

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A student entering the joint JD/MBI program is required to complete 108 credit hours, consisting of 81 hours in the College of Law and at least 27 hours in the College of Informatics. If the same student were to complete each degree separately, he or she would be required to take 90 credit hours in law and at least 30 in business informatics. Thus, the joint degree program allows the student to take 9 fewer law credit hours and 3 fewer informatics credit hours. This potentially could allow a student to complete the joint degree program as much as a year earlier.

Students currently enrolled in either the MBI or JD program may elect to pursue the joint degree if they comply with the admission requirements of each program.

JD Admission Requirements

J.D. applicants are required to receive a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university prior to enrollment and are required to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

Chase seeks to admit those applicants who have the best prospect of high-quality academic work; thus, the Admission Committee relies heavily on the applicant’s undergraduate grades and performance on the LSAT during the application review process. Additional factors considered include upward trend of undergraduate grades; time between college graduation and application to Chase; college grading and course selection patterns; outside work while in college; letters of recommendation; graduate study; cultural, educational, or sociological deprivation; employment background; leadership ability; speaking or linguistic ability; and demonstrated competence in another profession or vocation. Chase seeks diversity in the student body by considering, in no particular order, sex, age, cultural or geographic background, and minority status. Full-time students enter in the fall semester; part-time evening students may begin in either the summer or fall semester. 

The priority deadline for applications is March 15 for summer start and April 1 for fall start. 

MBI Additional Admission Requirements

  1. A total score of at least 450 on the GMAT or a combined score of 300 (1,000 prior to 2011) on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  2. An admissions formula total of at least:

    1,000 points based on the formula (200 x GPA on 4.0 scale) + GMAT
    1,050 points based on the formula (200 x GPA on 4.0 scale for the last 60 semester hours) + GMAT or Minimum 2.5 GPA and 300 points on GRE with a minimum of 146 On Quantitative Reasoning and minimum of 145 on Verbal Reasoning
  3. Current résumé.

Students applying to the joint JD/MBI may use the LSAT score in lieu of the GMAT or GRE. Check with the MBI office for current formula. Visit http://chaselaw.nku.edu/futurestudents/jd.html to learn how to apply to the NKU Chase College of Law.

♦ Indicates prerequisite.

Informatics Curriculum

The business informatics (MBI) portion of this degree offers practical, hands-on experience and theoretical discussions of current and future trends in developing applications and managing corporate information systems. The purpose of the informatics courses is to provide students a good understanding of the information technology and information systems areas so as to incorporate them fully and practically into a legal environment.

The MBI program requires a competence in basic business courses or background. Additional foundation courses may be required for those students admitted to the program with a limited business or programming educational background. The requirement of these courses can be met based on undergraduate/graduate (transcripted) coursework completed or with professional experience.

Law Curriculum

All students in the JD/MBI program must take all required law courses plus the following:

  • Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs (3 credits) or Corporations (3 credits) or Business Organizations (4 credits)*
  • Informatics and Cyberspace Law (3 credits)
  • Information Privacy Law (3 credits)
  • Intellectual Property Survey (3 credits)
  • Tax-Basic Income Tax Concepts (3 credits)
  • UCC Basics (4 credits)

Required Courses

  • Basic Legal Skills - Research (2 credits)
  • Basic Legal Skills - Writing (4 credits)
  • Civil Procedure I (3 credits)
  • Civil Procedure II (3 credits)
  • Constitutional Law I (3 credits)
  • Constitutional Law II (3 credits)
  • Contracts I (3 credits)
  • Contracts II (2 credits)
  • Criminal Law (3 credits)
  • Criminal Procedure (3 credits)
  • Evidence (4 credits)
  • Legal Analysis and Problem Solving (0 credit)
  • Professional Responsibility (3 credits)
  • Property I (3 credits)
  • Property II (3 credits)
  • Torts I (3 credits)
  • Torts II (3 credits)

Elective Courses

The additional hours needed to fulfill the total of 81 law school hours will be taken from other courses offered by the College of Law, all as elective hours in the joint degree program - whether those courses are offered as Core courses or as Elective courses in the regular law curriculum.

Note: The Core Curriculum will not apply to students in the joint degree program.

Advanced Writing Requirements

Students in the joint degree program shall fulfill both parts of the Advanced Writing Requirement.

Skills Training

Students beginning their law studies in the fall 2016 semester or thereafter are required to complete six hours of experiential learning.  This requirement replaces the three hours of professional skills training.

Additional Information and Requirements

Students enrolled in the joint program should complete their first year of the JD program before beginning to take courses in the College of Informatics. Thereafter, students are encouraged to blend their classes each semester so that a student can gain a better understanding of the interplay between law and informatics.

Students enrolled in the joint degree program are advised to take these courses, as they are available: Patent Law and Patent Prosecution.

No more than 6 hours of credit from courses listed in the “18 Hour Rule” will apply to the 81 hours needed to fulfill the law hours in the joint degree program.

Minimum Law School Grade Point Average

Students in the joint degree program must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in all courses after their first 28 hours of law study and thereafter. Students who do not achieve this GPA will not be permitted to continue in the joint degree program but will be permitted to complete the law degree consistent with academic policies, standards, and requirements applicable to all other law students. The College of Informatics will determine whether that student may continue to pursue the MBI degree outside of the joint degree program.

Academic Standing

A student who fails to meet academic requirements of the College of Informatics but who satisfies the academic requirements of the College of Law will be permitted to continue to pursue his or her law degree. Such a student will be required to meet all of the academic requirements of students who are not in the joint degree program.

A student who fails to meet the academic requirements of the College of Law will not be permitted to continue pursuing the law portion of the joint degree. The College of Informatics will determine whether that student may continue to pursue the MBI degree.

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